Are we taking pictures of furniture or rooms?  Browse through recent MLS photos and you’ll recognize that many of us are victims of today’s trend in digital cameras, the narrow zoom lens.  It works great when you’re taking pictures of the kids far away on the soccer field.  It makes them look like they are right next to you.  It doesn’t help us inside the home. That’s where you need a wide angle lens.

We want a picture that encompasses both sides of the kitchen cabinets or three walls, the floor and the ceiling not just the couch or bedroom set.  We’re selling homes here, not furniture.  You can stand in the front yard instead of across the street in order to get the front of the house in the shot.  No more expanses of concrete and sky, just the house and the lawn!

A wide angle is 28mm or smaller but be careful of fish-eye.  When you take pictures with a lens less than 28 mm, it may look like you took the picture through a fish bowl.  Be sure any digital camera with a lens of less than 28 mm has “auto-correction” so you your vertical lines are vertical and not bowed out like dad’s belly.

For an agent, one of the most important features in a digital camera is the wide angle lens.  A wide angle lens helps us encompass more without backing into the corner.  Next time you buy, look for a 28 mm lens or smaller.  You might be able to adapt a wide angle lens to your existing camera check out

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