Why is it important for you to include your broker’s name on YOUR advertising? According to Texas law, a licensed real estate broker is the one responsible for the real estate brokerage business. When a problem occurs, the person responsible (the broker) needs to know! Therefore, it is required by law that any advertisement clearly states the name of your broker or brokerage. By providing clients with clear information of who’s in charge, complaints or disputes can be handled efficiently and effectively. Remember! Advertisements include not only online or print ads in the newspaper, phonebook, or mail, but also business cards, listings, and signs.

Here are some guidelines to abide by to keep your advertisements in compliance:

  • ALL advertising must contain the name of your broker or brokerage.
  • Your broker’s name must be at least HALF the size of the largest info on the advertisement.
  • You CANNOT imply that you are responsible for the operation of the real estate brokerage.

Take a look at this example of correct advertising from Castle Hills Real Estate:

Mark Email Signature

Your email signature is considered a form of advertising so be sure to follow the above guidelines even in your email correspondence.




To learn how to create an email signature that is TREC compliant, be sure to check our recent blog, “How to build your brand with a great email signature!”

Keep in mind, if you are found not in compliance, disciplinary actions may be taken!

Source: Texas Real Estate Commission

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