Giving Your Buyer What They Want Makes Everybody HappyWhy is it that some Real Estate Agents put listings in MLS without including a single picture of the property?  Is it because they are lazy?  Is the property in such horrible condition that the Agent thinks it won’t photograph well?  Perhaps the Seller has instructed them not to…Whatever the case may be, a listing without a picture is just words and descriptions; it’s almost as if the property doesn’t really exist in the eyes of the Buyers!

Or, how about this:  ever go out of your way to drive by a house that is clearly for sale, has a brochure box, but the box is always empty?  Or, almost as bad…the box has brochures in it, but they don’t list the sales price???  Isn’t that the MAIN thing a Buyer wants to know before pursuing the property any further?

It’s almost like some Real Estate Agents think that marketing a property is a “covert operation”!  Like they are thinking to themselves, “Let’s keep the Buyers guessing about this property…if we (as Agents) give them too much information, they might think we are actually trying to sell it!”  Ridiculous, I know…but we’ve all experienced what I’m referring to.

Buyers today are savvy!  Many grew up with the internet and all of the technology tools that are associated with it.  They are used to getting information on just about any subject, including property information, with a click of a mouse or a search App on their smartphones.  As a result, not only do they want to see a picture, but they want LOTS of them…and better yet, they would like to watch a video about the property rather than reading any text about the details! So with all of the advanced technology we have available as REALTORS® today, there really is no excuse for not giving Buyers what they want when they are searching for their new home…we should market ALL of our listings to hilt, which includes 25 pictures of a property when putting it in MLS, providing your Seller’s with a supply of brochures on their home, and encouraging them to keep the brochure box full at all times.  You should also consider dedicating a separate page on your website for each listing that contains pictures, detailed descriptions (including the price!) about the home and surrounding neighborhood, and perhaps even a video of the property.

By giving the Buyers what they want, don’t you think you’ll have a much better chance of getting what your Sellers want…a SOLD property!

About the Author: Linda Larson-Porter is a REALTOR® and Sales Manager for Castle Hills Real Estate helping the Castle Hills Community in Lewisville, Texas – buy, sell, and invest in real estate.

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