Virtual Assistant

Do you need to get more work done but have no time or inclination for hiring and managing an employee? The simple solution is to hire a virtual assistant! Get the help you need from someone who dedicated to specific tasks. Virtual assistants work on the same type of tasks all day long and at expert levels. This type of solution proves not only more efficient but also more cost effective. Today you may need help designing flyers but tomorrow it might be contact management. Maybe you may need help with search engine optimization or even lead generation. Hire an expert for just a little more than you’d pay an employee, without any of the employment commitments.

Here are some websites that you can check out for your virtual assistance needs:

  1.– A generic website for any type of business. You can search their listings for a contractor or simply put up a bid for a specific job such as a flyer design, info sheet or brochure. Multiple sellers will bid on your job and you can choose who you ultimately hire by reading their profiles and reviews.
  2.  Upwork – Formerly known as eLance, Upwork is a place where you can post larger projects and see a much broader spectrum of available help.
  3. Airtasker – Airtasker is a platform that connects people who need to outsource tasks with people who are ready to work.
  4. Kim Hughes– Another real estate specific site that provides services dedicated to real estate professionals.

Browse those sites to satisfy all your virtual assistance needs. Considering hiring an administrative assistant? Take a look at last week’s blog article “Give Yourself a Raise” and see how hiring an admin can help you earn more money!

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