Marketing Tip: Use OneNote to Create Systems

Use OneNote to Create Systems for Your Business

Like Evernote, OneNote is also a popular notes program. It is built by Microsoft and already comes with your Microsoft Office package! It is a really great system that can integrate into Microsoft Office & Outlook. OneNote is integrated and synced with your Outlook which allows you to create Outlook Tasks as well as Calendar items right there in your notes.

One cool way we have used OneNote in our office is as a system for recording all our standard operating procedures (SOP). SOPs are essential in creating successful systems for a smooth running business. Everyone on our team creates SOPs for everything that we do. And more importantly, we stop and refine our procedures after each transaction! We follow the SCORE system to review our SOPs: Simplify, Complete, Organize, Refine & Execute. One example of an SOP we all need is the SOP for Listings! This is our master plan and checklist that we go through for each seller. With each new listing, we create a new page or note, copy and paste our master SOP Listings, and fill it out as we go along the listing process. You can download our SOP Listings for free here by signing up for our mailing list!

OneNote has some incredibly useful features making it an excellent choice for agents:

  • To Do Tag: In the top menu, there is a “To Do Tag” option. This allows you to place checkboxes before any lines of text, creating a nice to do list for yourself.
  • Sharing: Each OneNote notebook can be shared with multiple users. That means you can have one notebook shared company-wide that everyone can access. This notebook can include your company SOPs, checklists and tasks. You can have multiple notebooks such as a Personal one that is private or a even Home notebook that can be shared with your family for grocery lists and reminders.
  • Mobile: OneNote is constantly saved and synced so that all users are up to date. You can access OneNote on your phone, computer, and tablet making it easy to access all your SOPs and checklists on the go!

Whether you pick Evernote or OneNote, use a note sharing system to create your standard operating procedures and checklists for your company. Always follow and improve those checklists in order to create a great new system!

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