Content Creation ToolsAre you running out of ideas for content to share on your business pages for Facebook and Twitter ? Content curation is a great way to gain credibility and promote your brand as an authority in real estate. To become an expert in your real estate community, you want to be known as a resource for the latest and greatest news and information.  The beauty of content curation is you’re not actually creating the content, you’re finding the best content that’s already out there and sharing it with your audience. When you find something that you think is important to share, you can add your own comments and share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network account. To help you become the best at curating content in real estate, we wanted to share some of our favorite tools:

  1. Google Alerts: We’ve already shared with you to importance of using Google Alerts to manage your online reputation, but Google Alerts are also great for locating the latest news in real estate. Create Google Alerts with the names of the communities you serve to stay on top of the latest news and trends in your local community. You can also create Google Alerts for broader terms like “real estate news”, “real estate trends”, and “real estate marketing” to stay on top of national real estate news.
  2. Pinterest:  Pinterest has become a great resource for finding valuable content. Simply follow the movers and shakers in real estate and it’ll be impossible not to find great content.  You can then pin the content to a board of your own on Pinterest, as well as share it on your other social networking accounts.
  3. Flipboard: The Flipboard app is one of our longtime favorites. It’s an easy way to automatically bring in content from all your favorite sources and share directly to Facebook and Twitter. This will be a great time saver for generating content! Some ideas on what to follow could be REALTOR Magazine, Zillow, Inman News, Curbed, and your favorite blog sites including Mark Porter Live and your local and state real estate board or association. Just search “real estate” and you’ll be shown tons of other sources.
  4. Google Reader: Google Reader is another great way to compile the latest content from websites and blogs in one convenient location for easy sharing. For an easy way to get started, subscribe to the Mark Porter Live Google Reader Real Estate Bundle.
  5. Facebook and Twitter Lists: Create lists in Facebook and Twitter with all of your favorite industry leaders (NAR, Zillow, your local and state boards, etc.). This way, you can easily access their postings and share.
  6. HootSuite: Create streams with relevant keywords like “real estate”, “real estate news”, the names of the communities you serve, etc. (as you did with Google Alerts). The streams you create will make it easy to find content you can re-tweet and share.

Hope you enjoy our top content curation tools as much as we do. Now go curate some great content!


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