Minimum System Requirements

Below you will find the minimum system requirements to take our courses:


I just purchased a course, but I haven’t received my login email. 

To start, we recommend resetting your password to get immediate access to your account. It’s likely we have your information in our system, but your email might be blocking your confirmation email. Please check your SPAM folder and add “” to your safe senders list.  

When resetting your password, you will be asked to enter your username. Your username is the email address you used to purchase the course. If you email address is not in our system, it’s likely that your payment didn’t process properly. If you need to verify payment, please contact our Tech Support M-F, 8:00-5:00 CST at 1-972-395-9814.

I cannot access my Keynote courses or log into my account.

We recommend resetting your passwordYour username is the email address you used to purchase the course. 

Course Navigation & Video Issues

I’m stuck; The course won’t allow me to move forward. What do I do? 

  1. Check your internet connection: If you’re using a wife connection, it may be  intermittingly losing connection which can log you out of the course. You may want to try connecting to an ethernet cable.
  2. Try reloading the course. To do this, click the “Exit” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the navigation menu. From the dashboard menu, you can reload the course by selecting “Start this course.” Be sure to click “Yes” when asked if you want to resume where you left off.
  3. Clear your cache: Click on “Help” in your system browser, then search “Clear Cache.”
  4. Be sure you are using a supported browser; our recommended browser is Google Chrome.

If your computer does not meet our minimum system requirements, we recommend switching to another computer to complete the class.  If you need further assistance, please contact us at 1-972-395-9814.

My video won’t stop buffering. How can I fix this?

If your video playback is choppy and won’t stop buffering, we recommend the following: 

  • Lower the video resolution: Click the “HD” icon located in the bottom right of your video and select a lower resolution.
  • Check you internet connection: If your using a wifi connection, it may not be fast enough to process the videos. You may want to try connecting to an ethernet cable.
  • Allow the video to buffer: Press pause to allow the light gray bar to advance and try playing the video again. Playback should be smoother when watching the video within the light gray buffer region.
  • Close other browser tabs and windows, as this may be using your computer’s resources and bandwidth.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Flash (See our Minimum System Requirements).
  • Use our recommended browser, Google Chrome.

I am on a Video Lecture but I can’t see or hear the video. 

All of our videos are hosted by Vimeo. If your video won’t display, it’s likely your firewall or anti-virus software may be blocking access. Please add the following domains to your Whitelist:





I can hear the video audio, but my video is not appearing. 

If you can hear the audio but the video is not displaying, you may be experiencing issues due to browser hardware acceleration and its incompatibility with certain graphic cards. Try disabling hardware acceleration in your browser:


  1. Open a new tab and go to “chrome://flags”
  2. Find “Disable hardware-accelerated video decode” and click “Enable”
  3. Restart Chrome


  1. Click the Firefox button at the top-right of the Menu bar
  2. Go to the “Options” menu and then click “Options” again
  3. Click the “Advanced” tab at the top, then “General” below that
  4. Uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available”
  5. Click OK and restart Firefox

Internet Explorer:

  1. Click the Settings (gear) icon
  2. Choose Internet Options
  3. Select the Advanced tab
  4. Check the box under Accelerated Graphics that reads “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering”
  5. Click Apply, then click OK
  6. Restart Internet Explorer 11

Am I required to complete the course in one sitting? 

No. If you need to step away from the course and continue at a later time, simply click on the “Exit” button on the top right navigation bar. The system will automatically save your place for you. However, avoid leaving off in the middle of a slide or interaction, as you will likely need to start these over when you return. When you resume, you will see this:

Be sure to click “yes” to resume your presentation where you left off.

If I’m going to step away from my computer, can I leave the course open while I am away?

No, if you are going to step away from your computer, please be sure to “Exit” the course fully to save your work. If your computer becomes inactive, the system will automatically log you out which may cause you to lose unsaved progress. 

Can I use multiple computers to complete the course? 

This course requires cookies to track the state required identity verification modules, so we recommend using the same computer to complete the entire course. If you need to switch computers, you will need to complete the “State Registration” module again.

I clicked on a link to a website outside the module but I don’t see anything!

It is possible a new window opened behind the course; minimize the course window to check.

How do I download the student manual?

Handouts, are provided in the “Additional References” section of your Course Dashboard. Simply click on the Student Manual hyperlink to open or save the document to your computer. It may also be helpful to print these documents for easy access during the course.

Note: If you have already started your course, you will need to “Exit” the course to return to the course dashboard to access the handout. 

Completion & Credit

How long will it take to complete my course?

The course description on your purchase page shows the credit hours offered. Students must spend the required hours in the course to receive credit for the course.

How many days do I have to complete the course?

Students have 30 days from the date of purchase to complete their course. The course due date can be found on your course dashboard and you will receive an email reminder 7 days before the course expiration.

Do I need to complete the course modules in any particular order?

Yes, most of the courses progress and build on the previous module and you will be unable to skip ahead.

Do I have to watch the entire video lecture?

Yes, you must watch the entire video lecture and will not be allowed to skip ahead until the video is finished.

Before you take the Final Exam, there is a video review page. The Review Videos are NOT mandatory and you skip them at any time.

Do I have to take a Final Exam?

Yes, the Texas Real Estate Commission requires you to pass the Final Exam in order to receive CE credit for the course. You will be given two attempts to pass the final exam. If you do not pass the exam after your second try, you will be required to re-take the course before trying again.

I successfully completed  the course and passed the final exam, but I didn’t receive my certificate. Now what?

When you complete the course, the system will automatically generate a “Distance Education Reporting Form” for you. Make sure you have completed all modules including the Survey. You may access the form from your course dashboard or the “Achievements” tab on your account dashboard. IMPORTANT: You will be required to print this form and sign and date as indicated on the form. Please send the completed form within 7 days to If you still require assistance, please contact Tech Support and we will be happy to help.

I completed the course, but I forgot to download a copy of my certificate. What do I do?

You may access the “Distance Education Reporting Form” from your “Achievements” tab on your account dashboard. IMPORTANT: You will be required to print this form and sign and date as indicated on the form. Please send the completed form within 7 days to If you still require assistance, please contact Tech Support and we will be happy to help.

If you still need a copy, please contact Tech Support. We have copies of your certificate in our files and can provide a copy to you.

I have successfully completed my course. When will my CE credit show up?

Once you have submitted your signed “Distance Education Reporting Form” to, the form will be sent to the Texas Real Estate Commission for final processing. Please allow 2-3 weeks for course credit to appear.

Can more than one person take a course at the same time?

No. The course software requires active participation throughout the course and is designed for a single user. Only the student who has enrolled in and paid for the course can receive credit for it. It’s just like a classroom course; everyone must enroll separately and do the work.

My spouse and I share an email address and we both want to purchase a course. Can we use the same email address and account?

No. Each user must have their own account and email address in order to properly receive credit for the course. 

I failed the Final Exam two times and was required to restart the course. I took the course again, but now it won’t let me re-take the exam. It keeps saying I’ve got to retake the course. What gives?

After retaking the course, the Exam Module will ask, “Would you like to resume where you left off?” Choose No, instead of Yes. This will allow you to retake the Exam(s).

Refund Policy

What is your refund policy?

Mark Porter Live will issue a full refund for any course purchased that has not been started. No refunds will be issued for courses that have been opened. No refunds will be issued after 30 days from purchase date. To request a refund, email with your name, email address, course title, purchase date and reason for refund request. Refunds will be processed within 7 business days of request. 

For further technical support, please contact Tech Support at or (972) 395-9814.

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