How is it to have a lack of integrity in a policeman, spouse, doctor, politician, teacher, employer, employee, or a parent?  We have all been touched by a lack of integrity.  How does it happen?  How does someone with goodness and positive intention betray the very basis of the role they represent? Think about the core responsibilities of these folks.  It’s crushing, how easily you could justify a small lapse to another small lapse and somehow over time you are wading in a cesspool doing something that you could not fathom from the start.  Small changes done consistently over time create huge changes. Unfortunately this works both ways, for the better or for the worse, with or without a conscious effort.  Small lapses of integrity lead to huge lapses of integrity over time.  A to Z is what we cannot fathom in the beginning.  Y to Z is where you and your peers are startled by your behavior.  A to B is the moment where your trajectory is determined.  Start with integrity in all that you do, no matter what.

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