Safety Smart Phone Apps for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate agents put themselves in harms-way every day. Meeting new clients for the first time, working open house events alone, entering vacant homes that may be occupied by trespassers, and working at odd times—these are just some of the scenarios that make the job of a real estate agent potentially unsafe. We may not want to think about it, but it’s important to be on the alert and have a plan of action to help prevent a bad situation as described in ABC News Story  6 Crimes Against Real Estate Agents and How to Stay Safe. In addition to the advice given in the article, taking advantage of the technology you use every day can be a great resource to helping you stay safe on the job. The following is a list of Safety Smart Phone Apps for Real Estate Agents:


    1. Real Alert is a safety app designed by Real Estate agent Michelle Jones from Austin, TX with the safety of real estate agents in mind. This app features a quick tap “Alarm to help you scare off an attacker, quick tap “Call 911”, quick tap “Alert a Friend” to quickly call your emergency contact, a “Creep Data” feature which allows you to record details about a suspicious person so that you won’t forget the information, a hospital locator feature which locates the nearest hospital based on your current GPS location, and a handy flashlight feature. Compatible: iPhone and Droid 


    1. SafeTREC is a safety app that allows you to get help when you need it. This app includes a Panic Button that allows you to immediately send an alert along with your current GPS location to your “Safety Network of friends and family” via text or email. If you have a paid subscription, an alert will also be sent to SafeTREC’s 24/7 Response Call Center who will escalate the call to 911 if necessary. In addition, SafeTREC can send your Emergency Profile including your photo, medical information (e.g. blood type and allergies), location and more to emergency responders which can be vital in emergency situations. Other paid features include “Threat Level/Threat Alerts” and Danger Zones which lets you know when you are in a dangerous neighborhood, Crime Data and Sex Offender Map to view crime incidents in a particular area, the ability to create Audio Recordings of emergency situations, and more. Compatible:  iPhone, Droid, Blackberry and Web


    1. The Moby app offers location sharing and tracking. This app is perfect for REALTORS in Open House type events or while meeting an unfamiliar clients for the first time. The location sharing feature allows you to privately share your current gps location with your friends or family just in case. The Family Locator and Family Tracker features are also great for children and families. The app allows you to request a check-in, so teenagers for example, can check-in with you and send you their exact location to let you know they’ve arrived safely at their destination. Compatible:  iPhone, Droid, and Blackberry 


  1. The Predator Alert app (formerly I.C.E. Pics) allows you to inconspicuously snap a photo of a potential predator or suspicious person and immediately email the photo, along with a map of your current location to friends or family. Compatible: iPhone 


Hope these apps will help you develop a proactive approach vs. a reactive approach to staying safe on the job. Do you you currently use any safety apps?

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