safety tips for real estate agentsAs I indicated in my previous Agent Safety blog on showing new buyers houses, we also need to follow guidelines for listing new properties!  If your Broker doesn’t have a written safety policy in place at your office, talk to him/her and get one ASAP!  Some items to include are outlined for you below:




New Listing Appointments

  1. Never go alone to a potential seller’s house on your first listing appointment with them. If you don’t have anyone available to go with you, arrange to meet them at your office or at a public place (e.g. again, a coffee shop or food court is a good choice). Go through as much information as possible and take thorough notes in preparation for when you can actually see the property when you’re not alone.
  2. Many of the same tips for showing a property will also apply to the first time you tour a new potential listing: let them lead, keep your phone in your hand, make sure to lock your purse in your trunk, make yourself aware of the surroundings outside the home, and once you are in, look for all of the exits.
  3. When you have an Open House for a listing, try to have someone else go with you (e.g. a spouse or friend to keep you company, or a fellow Agent.) If you do end up doing an Open House by yourself, stay towards the front of the house and let customers tour the house alone if vacant. If occupied, follow behind them and be sure to avoid attics, basements, small bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. When the Open House is over, lock all doors when everyone is gone, and then shut off lights, etc…On your way to your car, call someone and have them on the line until you are safe inside the car with your doors locked.

Also mentioned in my previous Agent Safety blog are “general safety tips” to follow:

General Safety tips for real estate agents:

  1. Always be aware of your surroundings. Avoid “high danger areas” such as dark parking garages, vacant buildings, and high crime areas when you are alone.
  2. Try not to call attention to yourself with flashy jewelry or expensive accessories!
  3. Lock your car doors as soon as you are inside the vehicle.
  4. Stop all of the multitasking already!! Be methodical in your day to day work activities and implement systems.
  5. Listen to your “inner voice”…our subconscious mind often warns us of danger (i.e. “women’s intuition”).

Let’s continue to change the way we think about safety in our Real Estate business activities…Make sure your office has a written safety policy and follow it!  Then you can happily, and safely earn another commission!

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