Cloud Services Files Sync DefaultsDropBox, OneDrive, and Google Drive are all great ways to store your data “in the cloud” so that you can access your files from all your devices, anywhere. However, with a growing business, you may find that you are using up too much space by having your files synced on your devices. There is a simple solution to this issue: Selective Sync.

DropBox and Google Drive offer a choice in their settings that allows you to choose which folders and files to sync on each computer and device. You may sync all your files on the desktop computer with the largest hard drive space, but only sync files you use every day on the laptop that you take on the go.


Go to settings, select Preferences

Select the Account tab

Select the Selective Sync… button and uncheck all boxes that you don’t need access on that device

Right Click DropBox Settings

Selctive Sync Unselect Certain Folders

Google Drive:

Go to settings, select Preferences

Under Sync options tab, select “only these folders” and only select the folders and files you need access to on that particular device.

Repeat with all computers and devices to free up space!

Google Drive Selective Sync Options Preferences

In OneDrive, to free up space on your computer or device, simply select the button on the bottom menu that says “Make Online Only.” This will remove all selected files off your device and make them available only when you have an internet connection.

 OneDrive Online-Only Storage


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