Many agents take on the “build it and they will come” mentality with their websites. The reality is, there is alot of work that goes into having an effective website that actually brings in consumers and website traffic. At the forefront of SEO for real estate is having a website full of rich and valuable content related to real estate and the communities you serve. Beyond content are many different SEO tactics including keyword linking, which is what we are going to discuss with you today.

Keyword linking is a powerful search engine optimization strategy that involves hyperlinking your actual targeted keywords. (Note: If you don’t know what keywords you should be targeting, you’ll want to create a free Google Adwords account and use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find highly searched keywords related to real estate in your area). Once you identify the keywords you want to target on your website, you can create keyword links using backlinks, internal links, or outbound links.

  • Backlinks are links on other websites that point back to your website. Backlinks are a critical part of SEO because link popularity is a large factor in Google’s ranking system and the more websites with links that that point to your site, the more popular your site must be. As valuable as backlinks are, they are even more valuable in your keyword strategy when you are linking the actual keyword, rather than simply listing a URL. For example, say you are targeting the keyword phrase, “homes for sale in castle hills”. You would want to hyperlink the actual text as we’ve done here to a page on your website. Keep in mind that you don’t always want to link back to your homepage. It’s best to hyperlink the text to a page on your site that is most optimized for your targeted keyword. So with the keyword phrase, “homes for sale in Castle Hills”, you’d want to link it to a page that is specifically about the Castle Hills subdivision and homes for sale in that area.  The example shown here is a backlink for the website and it is optimizing the keyword phrase “homes for sale in castle hills”.
  • Internal links are links on your website that lead to other locations within the same website. For example, since we are discussing SEO for Real Estate, we could create an internal link with the keywords as shown, to a page on our website that discusses our course on Search Engine Optimization for real estate agents and help create an internal link that optimizes our keyword phrase.
  • Outbound links are links that go from your website to another website. Google likes authority sites that are full of rich content and provide links to valuable resources. So if you want your site to be recognized as an authority site, you will want to provide outbound links to websites that also offer valuable and relevant content and have a high ranking with Google. For example, we are providing a relevant outgoing link for SEO Ideas for Real Estate  that leads to a site that ranked organically on page one of Google for the term we hyperlinked.

So there you have it, a quick lesson on Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate with keyword linking. Want more ideas for SEO? Next, we’ll be sharing the Top ways to Acquire backlinks for your real estate website.

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