Every e-mail message you send out is free advertising for a website.  Whose website are you advertising and is it consistent with the professional image you want to represent?  Using your e-mail address to promote your website adds value along with consistent branding. Many feel that having e-mail addresses such as Mark@Yahoo.com, Mark@Hotmail, @Gmail, or @AOL are unprofessional for REALTORS.  Even an @franchise e-mail addresses can be inconsistent with your branding efforts. E-mail addresses from Internet service providers such as @comcast, @RoadRunner and @Verizon have the same bad reputation. Internet service providers as well as real estate franchises, both can hold you hostage in the name of offering up a free e-mail account. These old accounts should be phased out.

What is the cure? Owning your own domain name consistent with your web strategy and branding, creating your cool e-mail address, setting up your Smartphone and e-mail program to get your mail, forwarding the throw away e-mail accounts and changing marketing materials to reflect your new cool e-mail address.

This is just one concept weaved throughout the “CRS206 Technology Course” & “Outlook E-Marketing Strategies” course.  This is an elective course toward the CRS Designation.

I hope to see you there, Mark.

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