For my next round of smart phone apps, I wanted to share a few Real Estate specific apps that I like to call the Neighborhood Deal Breaker Apps. Not only will these apps make you more knowledgeable to your clients but they can also save you time by weeding out the deal breakers for your buyer.


      1. Suburb Scout: The Suburb Scout app allows real estate agents, investors and home buyers to search for neighborhood information that may impact the resale value of a home. The details include nuisances such as sewage plants, airports, nuclear plants, landfills, prisons and rail road crossings. Compatible: Droid


      1.  Safe Neighborhood: The Safe Neighborhood app allows you to view the National Public Sex Offender Registry to identify possible sex offenders in a particular neighborhood. Compatible: Droid


      1.  Sex Offender Search: The Sex Offender Search app for iPhone users also allows you to identify sex offenders in a neighborhood using the National Public Sex Offender Registry. Compatible: iPhone


      1.  Crime Stats: The Crime Stats app allows you to look up crime rates for specific cities or run a search based on your current GPS location. This is great app for road trips or traveling to help you decide on the safest areas to stop, or for helping your clients rate a specific area. The app even allows users to do a side-by-side comparison between two cities. Compatible: iPhone


    1.  Walk Score: The Walk Score app rates the walkability of specific locations and includes a map of nearby amenities. As REALTORS know, commute time and walkability are critical elements in home buying decisions. This app will allow buyers or renters to see the exact distance from restaurants, grocery stores, schools, public transit, movie theaters, parks, libraries, coffee shops, bars, and more. Real Estate agents may even download Walk Score maps to their website. Check out the Walk Score for Real Estate Agents for more information. Compatible: iPhone

These apps are a great resource to share with your clients. They’ll appreciate your thoroughness and you’ll save yourself time by ruling out the deal breakers! Do you have any Neighborhood Deal Breaker apps to share?


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