money making activitiesMy wife and I recently attended Chandra Hall’s CRS 1-day class, “Building a Team to Grow Your Business”. There were several valuable “take-aways” from the class, however, one concept really sticks out in my mind. It’s the “MMA” …or “Money Making Activities” concept…which breaks down your (often overwhelming) “big picture tasks” into bite-sized, easy to complete, smaller tasks.




The parameters for this are:

  1. Tasks (minimum of 3) must be done early in the day; ideally it would be the first thing you do. These tasks must be measured by time or quantity.
  2. All 3 tasks should take no longer than 90 minutes total.
  3. No +plus or-minus carry over into your master task list.

An example of how this MMA concept works is: You list on your master task list, “Get a new website for my Real Estate Business”…overwhelming, right? But, if you break it down into your “MMA”s for the day, it could look something like this:

  1. MMA: Spend 30 minutes researching several website service options online.
  2. MMA: Spend 30 minutes working on budget for website costs.
  3. MMA: Spend 20-30 minutes brainstorming future blog topics to write about and publish on your new website as soon as it is ready to roll out.

And that’s it. You’re done working on your overwhelming task of “Get a new website for my Real Estate Business” for the day. AND you actually did something towards getting that major task completed! Now you are on your way to moving your business to the next level. It’s almost laughable how easy that is, right?

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