Are you tired of the same ol’ online CE classes in real estate? You know what we’re talking about; those boring classes with a bunch of text and a test at the end.  Well, we’re proud to present Keynote Development Series of online CE training! With Keynote courses, you’ll get engaging video-based courses taught by the best real estate instructors in the industry. Each course includes interactions and knowledge checks to cement each lesson. And best of all, you can take the course from your home, office, or any place and time that works best for your schedule.

Keynote courses are brought to you by Kansas Association of REALTORS® in partnership with your local State Association of REALTORS®, and developed by the Mark Porter Live e-learning development team. Keynote courses are now available in the following states (click each link to learn more about the current Keynote offerings in each state):




South Dakota



We have several more states launching Keynote courses soon including North Carolina, Illinois, Nebraska and more! GRI Designation Credit is also available in some states, so click the link above to learn more about local credit offerings.

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