Marketing and strategyAre your emails campaigns not as effective as you’d like them to be? Follow these tips to help make you email communications more effective, promote your brand and give your followers valuable and relevant information.

1. Effectively Promote Your Branding  
People only read messages from people they trust and obviously your recipients trust you enough to subscribe to your messages. Encourage this relationship by prominently displaying your branding and logo in your message and ensuring that your sender name is accurate, so the recipient instantly recognizes the email communication is from you – someone they want to engage with.

2. Subject Line – Keep It Short Yet Attractive 
It’s usually best to keep your subject line 5 words or less. Use the subject line to create a sense of urgency that encourages your recipient to open and read your email. Also, be sure to test your subject lines by sending different subject lines to half of your audience and track which has the best open rates.

3. Make it Pretty on the Eyes
Create email messages that are visually appealing. At minimum, be sure to include photos above the fold of your message. Even better yet, include a video that links the user back to your website blog. Videos are a great way to attract customers, reinforce your reputation, and stand out from the crowd. Tip: When the user lands on your video page, be sure the video is set to autoplay.

4. Give Them Something of Value 
Make every message count by offering something of value that recipients can only get from you. Tap into what sets you apart from your competitors, and/or what makes you the expert in your real estate marketplace.

5. Make it Compatible  
More than half of users block images. To appeal to these users, be sure to offer a text only version of your email that uses “alt” tags for photos and videos.

6. Have a Call to Action 
In order to maximize your email results, your message needs a call to action. Be sure to place the call to action prominently in your message and above the fold.

7. Personalize Your Message
Studies have shown that personalized emails are far more effective than non-personalized emails. According to Experian’s 2013 Market Study, this is especially true for personalized subject lines which experience 26% higher open rates than non-personalized subject lines, so be sure to include your recipient’s name in the subject line.

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