Marketing Tip: The Importance of User Reviews (Manage Your Online Reputation Part 1)

Manage Your Online Reputation: The Importance of User Reviews

In Mark’s latest Marketing Tip, he discusses importance of user reviews and how to manage your online reputation using Facebook and Yelp reviews. 78% of people make decisions based on peer recommendations while only 15% of consumers believe in advertising. We must adjust our marketing to reflect what today’s consumers are seeking! Establish your presence online through sites that allow peer reviews:

  1. Facebook – Facebook is the most second most trafficked website in the world next to Google, and Facebook now offers business pages allowing users to leave starred ratings and reviews on your business. If you don’t already have a Facebook business page, create one!
  2. Yelp – Yelp is the largest site for consumers to search and pick through service providers by starred ratings. There is a whole new generation of consumers that are choosing their service providers (including real estate professionals!) by their ratings on Yelp! Claim your business profile on Yelp and establish yourself before someone leaves you a bad review!

Create your business profiles on these peer review sites and start directing your customers to your pages to leave you positive ratings and reviews. By having active peer review profiles, you can help establish yourself as a highly rated, reliable real estate professional. Online reviews are today’s form of peer recommendation so keep up with the times by claiming your online profiles today!

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