As a real estate agent, having a great email signature is yet another way to market your brand! It should act as an electronic business card for your clients, letting them know who you are and how to get in touch. It also serves the purpose of increasing brand recall as many people are visual learners.

So what makes an email signature great? It should capture attention, inform and look professional. Follow these simple guidelines to improve your signature: Mark Porter Castle Hills Real Estate Email Signature

  • Keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm your clients with information. Include only the most important information- Name, Position, Company, and Contact Information (Email, Phone, Website).
  • Keep it clean. Don’t use fancy fonts or colors. Stick to a consistent font and color scheme for a more professional look. Many studies suggest blue as a professional and neutral color. You want to stand out from the crowd, but not too much. Finding this balance can certainly be a struggle but simple is often better when in doubt. This website offers some additional reading if you’re interested.
  • Add your logo to help reinforce your brand and add some flare. You can also use the logo as a link to your company website. Remember to compress images to reduce the size. Studies continually show the immense power of brand recognition, Coca Cola still advertises for a reason. The more often customers and competitors see your name, the better.
  • Utilize social media icons to minimize text and link clients to your respective social media pages.  The icons are simply images of logos you can obtain from the social media site. Resize and left click on the logo image. Select “Link” to paste in the URL destination of YOUR social media page.
  • Name your brokerage. It is required by law for an agent to name their broker as with any form of advertising. Check for other state-specific laws that might pertain!

Make sure your signature works on all email platforms and still looks great even as a plain text email. Take the time now to update your signature and set yourself apart as a professional, modern agent!


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