Real estate training Council of Residential Specialist

I take two days a week off, because sawing with a dull saw is ineffective.

I have balance, because working 80 hours a week to produce ‘the good life’ is not ‘living the good life.’

I know how many appointments per week it takes to produce my year-end goal.

I know the ‘hard cost’ to each listing and each buyer.

I spend less than what I earn.

I recognize when something is just not worth it.

I experience net profit and I know what percentage of gross it is.

I follow a plan.

I read my mission statement when I am conflicted about what to do.

I understand what it takes.

‘Triple track budgeting?’ Yes, I have heard the term before.

My actions are consistent with my values.

I follow a budget (spending plan).

I have taken CRS 200.

I have a reputation for having clean listings that are priced right.

My days-on-market is way better than average.

Clients are relieved because we’ve already anticipated the issue.

I know when to walk away, and I know when to run.

I make promises with conviction because I know I’ll do it.

My list-price to sales-price ratio is almost 100 percent.

I under promise and over deliver.

Most of my seller issues went away when I created more prospects than I could handle.

I have a flyer titled, “The 10 Questions to ask when interviewing a real estate agent.”

I have Taken CRS 201.

I only work under a buyer rep agreement.

I insist that all buyers are pre-approved, and selling pre-approval is never an issue.

I know what to say when they object.

I have fired more than one buyer, and it did us both a world of good.

I know the top ten counties in the USA that feed buyers to my marketplace

I know it’s more profitable in the long run to take classes outside my local marketplace.

I listen and I know why some say, “buyers are liars,” but that’s not me.

I have taken CRS 202.

I have created my own retirement plan because no one else will.

I know the difference between ROI and FMRR, or at least I did at one time.

I believe in what I do.

I know that selling a client one house every seven years is not as cool as selling them one house every year.

I practice what I preach.

I know what a pain in the ass the wrong tenant can be.

I know that property management may be the right answer, even for me.

I buy at least one house a year for myself.

I will NOT retire on the wrong side of the poverty statistics.

I have taken CRS 204.

After the @ sign, my e-mail address matches my Web site address.

I know just enough about search engine optimization to be dangerous.

I know how to find help.

I look at my Google analytics Web site reports at least once a month.

I use action plans for new listings, contract to close, buyers and SOI marketing.

I have a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

My CRS profile is linked to my social networking pages.

Most say I am high-tech.

I only use a notebook computer, but my docking station makes it look like a desktop.

I have a Smartphone.

I have taken CR S206, and I need to take it again.

I know what one lead means to me.

I know that I really don’t have to do open houses after all.

I know that a friend is more fun to work with than a stranger.

I know that relationships trump collateral marketing every time.

I know what it means to reap the rewards over the long haul.

I am having fun, and it just doesn’t seem as hard as it used to be.

I have discovered that being the only “out of town” agent in a class gets me more referrals.

I have taken CRS 210.

I know who gets things done and who just complains.

I don’t criticize, I volunteer.

I am proud of what I do.

I get involved.

I am a dues-paying member of my local CRS chapter.

I know what integrity is.

I earn enough to help others, and I do.

I know what it means to struggle for what’s right.

I always learn something.

I am a CRS and I am proud!

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