Just the other day, I had a friend who was just getting started with YouTube marketing and needed to know the basic rules (e.g. how to properly title a video, how many characters are allowed in each field, etc.). So I wanted to share this post for all of you out there who are just getting started and need the basic details.

First of all, optimizing your YouTube videos is similar to optimizing your web pages. Like your webpage, you will have a page title, description and keywords referred to as Video Title, Video Description and Video Tags.

Video Title = 60 characters (including spaces);  You are actually allowed to enter up to 100 characters, however, since the title is cut off at 60, we recommend limiting your title to 60 characters. Be sure to include your target keyword in the video title.

Video Description = 5000 characters. Include a description of your video and make sure to include your keywords. Also, be sure to include a link to your website that points to a relevant page for the keywords you are trying to optimize. For example, if your video is about FHA Loans, include a link to a page on your website that has information about FHA Loans.

Video Tags = 120 characters; List the keywords or phrases you are trying to target and make sure these keywords are also listed in your  video title and description.

These are the basics for optimizing your YouTube videos. Want to learn about keyword research for your YouTube videos? Come visit our blog next week to learn How to Optimize YouTube Videos Part II: Keyword Research with Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

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