There are 3 factors that influence high ranking on YouTube – SEO, external links and video popularity.

SEO: Properly optimizing your video for SEO is the first step to getting your videos to appear higher in search rankings on YouTube. That means you need to ensure your keywords are included in the Title, Description and Tags and that you have outgoing links from your video page to content rich pages on your website that are also optimized for the keywords you are targeting. For more information on how this works, please visit our previous blog on How to Optimize YouTube Videos Part I: The Basics

External Links:  The next step is having external keyword links to your video page. So share you video on other websites and blogs. Search engines measure webpage popularity by the number of links to that point to that page. So the more links that point to your video, the more popular your video must be and that will increase your video ranking.

Video Popularity: The most powerful method for achieving a high ranking on YouTube is based on your video popularity. YouTube rates popularity by the number of views, comments and ratings your video receives. Therefore, like optimizing a webpage, in the end – CONTENT IS KING! The more interesting and relevant your content is, the more popular and higher ranked your video will be! So invite people to view your video on YouTube and encourage comments and “likes”.

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