Tech Tip: How To Embed Video in Your Emails in Microsoft Outlook!

Mark Porter shows you how to embed video in your emails in Microsoft Outlook in our latest Tech Tip!

Captivate your email recipients with dynamic video in your emails. While you can’t actually embed video in an email that, you can create the illusion of having a video in your email with these simple steps:

  1. Grab a screenshot of your video with the red play button by going to your video on YouTube
  2. Hit “Share” and then “Embed.” A video preview will pop up, take a screenshot of this image by hitting Alt + Print Screen
  3. Go to your favorite photo editor (I like to use and paste the screenshot. Select the video preview and copy
  4. Paste the video image into your email message in Outlook
  5. Next, you will need to hyperlink the image to a page where recipients can watch your video!
  6. Go to the video on your website and copy the URL address of the webpage
  7. Go back to your email message in Outlook, right click on the video image, select “Link” and paste the URL.

Now you can easily capture your audience with great video emails using Microsoft Outlook!

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