Profitable Social Media TECH TIP - Organize Facebook with Lists

Organizing your Friends and Managing Your Time with Lists

Lists are a great way to organize your friends on Facebook and can be helpful in controlling the type of content you share with different groups of people. For example, there may be certain status updates or photos you only want to share with family or close friends, but not co-workers or clients. Creating a list will allow you to share content with   specific groups of people.

As a real estate agent, you can utilize lists as an efficient way to manage your time and efforts on Facebook. For example, create a list with a targeted group of friends who are likely to be buying a home within the next year or so. This can include friends who are recently engaged or married (or have children who are recently engaged or married), recently separated or divorced, having a new baby, etc.  Give the list a name like “VIP’s” or “SOI”. This list will help you narrow your efforts to just this targeted group of friends where you can be sure to utilize your time on Facebook to engage in their conversations and share postings with just that group.

How to Create a New List in Facebook and Assign “Existing” Friends to Lists  

1.  Hover over your friend’s name until their profile box appears

2.  Hover over the blue “Friends” button and Select “Add to another list…”

3.  Select the List Name and your friend has now been added to the list.

Narrowing the News Feed to a List

1.  Click Home to be taken to your News Feed

2.  Scroll Down to Friends in the Left Column and Click “More”

3.  You will see all of your lists

4.  Click on your desired list

Customize Favorites on the News Feed

If there is a list you use frequently and want to be able to access the list easily, you should add the list to your “Favorites.” Any list you mark as your “Favorite” will appear on the upper left column of your news feed.

1.  Click Home to be taken to your News Feed

2.  Scroll Down to Friends in the Left Column and Click “More”. You will see all of your lists

4.  Click the pencil next to the desired list

5.  Select “Add to Favorites”   The selected list will now appear in your Favorites Section of your news feed

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