Christmas is quickly approaching. If you haven’t finished buying gifts for everyone on your list, it isn’t too late. In my house, the coolest gifts are always Tech gifts, so I put together a list of the top 10 hottest technology gifts for Christmas. Here you go:

1.  Apple, Apple, Apple! We’ve all heard the news – The iPad, iTouch and iPhone have all made the list for the three most wanted gifts for children ages 6-12 years (but let’s not leave out the adults who want them too!). There’s just no way to get it wrong when you buy a gift from the Apple family.

2.  It can get a little tough using your new touch screen device when your hands are cold. That’s why these Smart Touch gloves are the perfect gift for anyone on your list! And at this price, they make a great stocking stuffer or an affordable gift to have on-hand just in case.

 3.  If you find yourself squirming over the price tag for an iPad, there are over 30 other tablet options on the market this Christmas. At just a fraction of the iPad cost, my favorite is the Amazon Kindle Fire. Some of the features include a cloud-accelerated web browser, free cloud storage for all of your Amazon content, thousands of apps from the Android app store, access to the Amazon library of 18 million movies, tv shows, music, books, and magazines, and great screen quality with an extra-wide viewing angle – all packed into the portable 7” tablet. Even more, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow books for free from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library!

4.  A wide angle lens camera is one of the most important investments for a residential real estate agent. If you don’t’ have one, you need to get one. A good wide angle lens camera will allow you to achieve photos that fit more of the room into your photo, making rooms appear larger and more open which as we know, can be the difference between making a listing or not. The best camera options for wide angle photography are digital SLRs, but those come with quite a hefty price tag and require a little more technical experience. If you are looking for an affordable, easy to use point and shoot option, I recommend the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1 with a 25 mm wide angle lens. Anything more narrow than 25 mm, just isn’t going to give you enough of the shot you need.

 5.  If you need a cool guys gift, the Sonos Play 5: All-In-One Wireless Hi-Fi Music Player will make any man happy! The Play 5 system comes with 5 integrated speakers powered by 5 digital amps for the ultimate sound. The system can be controlled with your iPhone, iPad or Android. It wirelessly streams music from iTunes, Pandora, napster, or any of your favorite music services or radio stations. Also, comes with free internet radio stations.

 6.  Move over Wii…the Kinect for Xbox 360 is the ultimate gaming experience. You can lose the controllers because with Kinect, your body is the remote control and your voice will provide the verbal commands like play, pause and rewind. This device will bring hours of fun with dancing, sports games and more the whole family can enjoy!

 7.  Logitech has taken the universal remote to a whole new level with the Logitech Harmony Link. This device turns your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android smart phone into a universal remote that controls up to 8 A/V components in your home. As an added bonus, you can view TV listings on your iPad and tune to your favorite shows with just one touch. How cool is that!


8. I love Cloud Storage, but having a USB drive on hand never hurts and this drive is too cool to not share with you all. The LaCie Iama Key Drive is a USB flash drive that looks like a key and fits on a key ring so you’ll always know where to find it! And, it’s made out of durable metal so you can trust it won’t get damaged.


9.  Looking for a great BlueTooth headset? Well, the Jawbone Era will not disappoint. This headset comes equipped with military grade noise cancellation, out of the box TapTap feature to answer calls, and the ability to download awesome apps and customized features like sending emails and text messages with your voice.

 10.  For those of you who have been searching high and low for ear buds that actually stay in your ear while running on the tread mill at the gym, the Skull Candy Fix In Ear Buds have arrived. These ear buds actually have a comfortable, secure fit and sound great too.

Hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for all of your loved ones (and maybe even a few extra gifts for yourself!) Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season! I don’t about you, but I can’t wait to play with all my new tech toys.

What are the must have gifts on your list for Christmas this year?

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