Google Alerts – Managing Your Online Reputation Part 3

Another way to manage your public online presence is through Google Alerts! Google Alerts is essentially standing Google search. It is a email notification system that shoots you an email whenever Google finds a new result within your alert criteria. This means you get an email every time someone mentions your name, company, email, or even the subdivision you serve. By setting up Google Alerts, you will now be notified of activity on your public online profiles! You can utilize the system to also “juice” positive posts about you or your company. Remember: Google loves activity, so the more posts are shared, viewed, or liked, the higher Google rates their relevance! By sharing that positive post, you are helping Google expose both your brand and that positive review to wider audience.

Alert Bell

Setting up your Google Alerts:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in your search criteria into the “Create an alert about…” box.
  3. Click “Create Alert”

An example of search criteria is your name and your brokerage, “Mark Porter” “Castle Hills Real Estate.” Remember to use quotation marks around phrases so that Google will run the search on the whole phrase and not the individual words. You can also set up alerts for your subdivision like “Castle Hills” Lewisville. This will get you the latest news and updates for the area you serve!

Set up Google Alerts and be proactive about your online public presence.

Marketing Tip: Google Alerts (Manage Your Online Reputation Part 3)

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