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How to Generate Positive Online Reviews

By now, you should have set up your online presence! This means you have your Facebook business page and Yelp business account set up and ready to go. If not, you can learn why you need to from our previous blog: “The Importance of User Reviews”

Now, you need to be proactive about getting your customers to your online profiles! One way to generate positive online reviews is to send all your clients and customers a feedback letter. The feedback letter should thank them and ask them for honest feedback on your services. In the letter, direct your clients to each of your profiles on Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or REALTOR.com so that they may rate and leave you a positive review. See an example of my feedback letter below:Feedback Letter

Insert icons directly into your email that link to each of your online profiles.

  1. To create icons for your email, download each icon image from Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn, Google+ & REALTOR.com
  2. Paste or Insert Picture to add an icon to your email.
  3. Right click each icon and select “Hyperlink…”
  4. Copy & paste the hyperlink for your corresponding profile & hit OK.

This makes it easy for everyone to give you positive public feedback! However, be sure to tell them you want the negatives too but just not on your public profiles!

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