How to Favorite Files in Dropbox for Offline Access

This week’s video tech tip covers a cool feature on the Dropbox app which allows you to “Favorite” a file for offline access. Maybe you’re in airplane mode or simply don’t have internet connection, any file you make a “Favorite” in Dropbox will be downloaded to your phone, so that you can access anytime or any place. This makes it quick and easy to access that file.

Making a file a “Favorite” in Dropbox is EASY! To do this, simply choose the File you want to “Favorite” and click on the “Star” icon at the bottom of the screen. Now when you view the file, it will now have a star next to it. The file is also accessible in the Favorites menu. This means you have successfully made this file a “Favorite” and you can now access the file even if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular service.

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Are you already using Dropbox? What’s your favorite feature?

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