Password Security

A single password for multiple sites is just NOT SAFE, but remembering multiple passwords is such a hassle.  Here are some quick tips for creating strong passwords that are easier to remember and won’t give you headache.

Keep in mind that the longer the password, the more difficult it will be to crack. Your password should be at least 8 characters.

Start off with a simple phrase: All About That Base

Create an acronym from your phrase: AATB

Most passwords require both lowercase and uppercase letters.  Capitalize one or two of the letters of your acronym: Aatb

Add random string of MEANINGLESS numbers to your acronym: Aatb1215

Add a symbol to your password: Aatb1215*

You now have a basis for your passwords.

Next, to make your password unique, add a simple abbreviation related to the website:

For example, the abbreviation for your Wells Fargo Account would be Wf: Aatb12Wf15*

The abbreviation for your Facebook Account would be Fb: Aatb12Fb15*

Now you have a simple combination to create unique passwords that are easy to remember, yet hard to crack. These are just general guidelines.  Be sure to give this system a personal twist to fit your own purposes. Just remember to change your password annually!

Stay safe & secure!

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