Teaching across the country, I see a lot of different classroom set ups. Name tents or name tags are a minor thing that can majorly affect the classroom experience. When names are printed too small, it can be very difficult for an instructor to read from the front of the room. Take a look at this example below. Who can read the name at the back of the room?

For my classes, I like to use my own Name Tent template. My template maximizes the size of the student’s First Name on the card because that’s the name I need to see to call on them. I love to interact with my class and promote participation from everyone (even the back row!) and large, easy to read name tents are an essential part in the classroom experience! See an example of our Name Tent below:

Download our Name Tent Master Template here! Watch our video tutorial below on how to use our template with Outlook contacts:

How To Create Easy to Read Name Tents - Mark Porter Live

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