Want to Pay Less Tax? Invest in Real Estate!

Investing in real estate comes with major tax advantages! Agents will learn about different categories of property and how depreciation, capital improvements, long-term capital gains work together to make investing in real estate a great way to reduce tax burden. See how the latest tax laws benefit the real estate investor and the real estate professional to help shelter earned income from taxation!

  • Understanding how investment property can affect your taxes
  • Rules for cost recovery or depreciation of property to reduce your taxable income
  • Benefits of being a real estate professional when it comes to taxing income property

Available as a 2-hour introductory course or a part of our investing series:

Introduction to Residential Real Estate Investing
The Investment Property Analysis Toolbox
Adding Investor Clients to Your Business
The Basics of a 1031 Exchange
Best Practices for Investors, Landlords & Property Managers

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