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Technology Courses

Boost Your Brand with Video

Video is here and now, and building rapport with your local market.  Get important insights to catch and surpass your local competition with video.  Understand how to get it done and get past the common issues.  YouTube tips, video embedding, SEO tactics and engaging subject matter. Establish yourself as an expert in real estate with video! (Available in 60 min- 3 hour sessions.) See the 2-3 hour class: Strengthen Your Market Impact with Video

Harness the Power of Social Media

REALTORS like you have cited social media s the best source for generating high quality leads! In this digital age, how are you maximizing your social media reach? Go beyond blogging and establish yourself as an expert in real estate. Learn how to engage your audience and followers with this easy 10 step social media strategy for real results. (Available in 60 min- 3 hour sessions)

Facebook 101 for Real Estate Agents

Facebook continues to be the most popular social media network with over 2.6 billion monthly active users. Real estate agents can learn how to maximize their Facebook profiles, establish their business on Facebook, and get started marketing cost-effectively on the platform to connect and network with their sphere. Utilize this robust social media platform to expand your business today! (Available in 60 min – 3 hour sessions)

Attracting Today’s Internet Buyer

The typical homebuyer’s first step is to start looking at homes online, even before contacting an agent! Capture today’s internet buyer with a great website full of information and resources consumers need to know about the market and home buying process.  Learn how to drive your website to the top of the search through SEO, IDX and other tools to boost your presence! (Available in 60 min- 3 hour sessions)

Working in the Cloud

In today’s demanding and fast-paced market, real estate agents are mobile and always on the move. Agents must be able to work remote, effectively and efficiently in order to best serve their clients. Set up your cloud computing system with the right tools to easily share documents, access files and collaborate with your team. Learn step-by-step how to access it all on-the-go!  (Available in 60 min- 3 hour sessions)

Power of Reviews

Did you know that consumers who interact with reviews are 105% more likely to buy? The reality is, reviews increase your chances of being found on Google and have the potential to drive more traffic to your website and increase sales. Learn the necessary strategies to acquire authentic reviews, manage your online reputation, and common pitfalls to avoid when building your online presence. (Available as 60 min session)

Get Tech Smart

Smartphones, Notebooks and Tablets – Learn what to buy along with the coolest tips for today’s mobile agent. Understand the “need to know” when it comes to practical wireless technology for working on-the-go and keeping your information safe. Plus, put your technology to work with the latest and greatest apps in real estate! (Available in 60 min- 3 hour sessions)

Clouding Up Your Email in Office 365

Learn the latest and greatest features of Microsoft Outlook in Office365! Discover the benefits of replacing your current contact manager with Microsoft Outlook and moving your email into the CLOUD! More income with less effort! (Available in 60 min- 3 hour sessions)

Connecting with Customers & Clients via Video Conferencing

The need for video conferencing and collaboration tools has never been more necessary than in today’s business operations. Get started with video conferencing in this introduction into and Google Hangouts. Practice setting up video calls as well as learn tips on proper etiquette, equipment needed, best lighting setups, and the special features of each program. (Available as a 2 hour course)

Investing Course Series

Enjoy the follow Investing courses as a series or individually! Learn to how to start investing in residential real estate from identification, purchase to management.

Introduction to Residential Real Estate Investing

An interactive introduction into the benefits and basic principles of investing in rental property! Agents learn how investing in real estate can build wealth, diversify your portfolio and prepare for retirement. Become well-versed in how to identify investment opportunities, evaluate properties on the fly and better serve your investor clients! (2-hour course) W

Want to Pay Less Tax? Invest in Real Estate!

Investing in real estate comes with major tax advantages! Agents will learn about different categories of property and how depreciation, capital improvements, long-term capital gains work together to make investing in real estate a great way to reduce tax burden. See how the latest tax laws benefit the real estate investor and real estate professional to help shelter income from taxation! (2-hour course)

The Investment Property Analysis Toolbox

Get an in-depth look at the Annual Property Operating Data (APOD) and how it can be used to provide investor clients with a full property analysis when investing in residential real estate! Become familiar with common terms and calculations used in projecting property cash flow and rates of return to help clients determine investment worthiness. (2-hour course)

Adding Investor Clients to Your Business

Develop the right strategy to incorporate single-family residential investments into your business plan today and start building up your investor client list! Get a run down on how to identify potential investors in your sphere and how to attract them to your business with the right marketing. Share your knowledge and motivate passive investors into action with these marketing ideas! (2-hour course)

The Basics of a 1031 Exchange

Have you heard of a tax-deferred or a 1031 exchange? A 1031 exchange is a smart way to defer taxes for investors buying and selling income property. Learn how to identify the types of property that may be exchanged, the applicable rules and advisors need to make it all happen. Introduce your investors to the value of this exchange and how it can help them defer substantial tax liability, and they will thank you! (2-hour course)

Best Practices for Investors, Landlords or Property Managers

Get helpful property management tips and best practices for landlords and property managers! Learn how to create systems for tenant selection and screening, handle rent collection, security deposits and tenant relations. Become better property managers by setting up tried and true systems and procedures for all aspects of your management business. (2-hour course)

Business Planning Courses

Get Back to Work or Get Out!

Better systems bring more peace and confidence. Peace, Confidence and Systems translate into more listings, happier clients and ultimately bigger profits. Whether you are flying by the seat of your pants or you feel like you have it pretty well together, you can benefit from an extra proactive review of your systems. Benefit from a guided interactive discussion on what is working, why and how you can make it better. Get the guidance you need to translate your goals into action plans! (Available in 60 min- 3 hour sessions)

Budgeting for Profit

To run a successful real estate business, you have to fully understand how to manage your finances. Discover the key elements to building a profitable real estate business and learn tips for building your budget the right way. Walk away with the latest budgeting tools that will help you create effective budget management systems.

Divvy Up the Duties: Building a Team for Success

Believe it or not, you may not be the best candidate for every job in your organization. A well rounded team can elevate your business to the next level. Learn strategies for hiring dynamic people, and how to keep them through effective team management. (Available in 60 min- 3 hour sessions)

CRS 1-Day Courses

Increase Wealth with Rentals and Other Investment Properties

Investment property transactions can easily increase your market by 20% and build your net worth at the same time. In this one-day RRC course, you will learn why and how rental properties are IDEAL investments that outperform other types of investments while giving you more control to optimize financial returns. 

Technology and Plans for Success

This course examines the changing role of real estate agents in the rapidly-evolving technology age and provides guidance on the technologies needed to effectively work with today’s connected consumers. You will leave the class with templates, strategies, and tools to identify, evaluate, and select appropriate technologies to enhance your communication, productivity, and efficiency, while keeping your clients’ data safe.

Building a Team to Grow Your Business

Even the most talented and dedicated agents have limits on what they can accomplish alone. To take your business to the next level once you’ve reached a plateau, you’ll need to hire some help. Whether you are a solo agent wanting to close more transactions or a rainmaker looking to increase your team’s market share, hiring the right person can help grow your business. This course offers strategies for delegating and outsourcing tasks to help you focus on activities that make you the most money.

7 Things Successful Agents Do Differently: A Proven Business System

This course demonstrates those things that successful agents do different from the average agent. It gives agents specific strategies and marketing systems to move their business to the next stage of success both professionally and financially. Learn how to organize your real estate career like a business, leverage market statistics, plan for retirement and implement marketing to make these things happen. Agents of all experience level will find benefit in discovering how to take their business to the next stage of success.

CRS 2-Day Courses

CRS 200 Business Planning and Marketing

Successful real estate agents know how to run a business. They know how to define their goals and have the business planning, budgeting, and marketing skills to get them where they want to go. After taking this course, students will know how to think like a business owner, with the ability to develop a complete business plan with strategies they can implement immediately.

CRS 204 Buying and Selling Income Properties

Learn the ins and outs of real estate investing! Become a savvy investor to increase your wealth and generate sales through real estate investments. Know how to identify money-making opportunities in an up or down market and create a plan to invest toward retirement!

CRS 206 Technologies to Advance Your Business

This course guides students through a process for analyzing the technology needs of their business. Course topics focus on using technology tools that enable sales agents to become more productive, increase their profits, and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Texas GRI Courses

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