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Working in the Cloud

Instant access to all your files all the time, from home, the office, or on the road — what’s not to like? Cloud computing lets you keep all your digital stuff in sync … and just a click away. Whether it’s e-mail, property data, photos, or anything else, learn how to use cloud computing and paperless systems to be more responsive to customers’ needs. Never again be caught without the info you need!

Get Tech Smart

Smartphones, Notebooks and Tablets – Learn what to buy along with the coolest tips for today’s mobile agent. Understand the “need to know” when it comes to practical wireless technology for working on-the-go and keeping your information safe. Plus, put your technology to work with the latest and greatest apps in real estate!

Attracting Today’s Internet Buyer

Are you ready to commit to a good website? Discover the five critical things your website must have and the one fatal mistake the causes the ultimate buyer to keep surfing right past your real estate site. Learn how Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click advertising work, how to drive your website to the top of search engines, and learn all about free tools that will help you develop your SEO strategy and manage your online reputation.

Clouding Up Your Email in Office 365

Learn the latest and greatest features of Microsoft Outlook in the all new Office365! Discover the benefits of replacing your current contact manager with Microsoft Outlook and moving your email into the CLOUD! More income with less effort! (CRS elective credit available & also available as 8 hour hands-on)

Divvy Up the Duties: Building a Team for Success

Believe it or not, you may not be the best candidate for every job in your organization. A well rounded team can elevate your business to the next level. Learn strategies for hiring dynamic people, and how to keep them through effective team management.

Video Internet Marketing

Today it is all about video. Younger generations are choosing to watch instead of read. Agent trends are following in step. This is how to start and refine an Internet presence in YouTube and establish yourself as an expert in real estate with video!

Profitable Social Media

Are you tired of not seeing any results from Social Networking? Get the Social Media “Rules of Etiquette” that will help you see actual results from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & Blogging. Get tips on how to establish yourself as an expert in real estate while not annoying your sphere and you’ll get from lead generation to conversion and on to closing faster than ever. Make the shift from social network Time Killer to Profit Maker!

Get Back to Work or Get Out!

Better systems bring more peace and confidence. Peace, Confidence and Systems translate into more listings, happier clients and ultimately bigger profits. Whether you are flying by the seat of your pants or you feel like you have it pretty well together, you can benefit from an extra proactive review of your systems. Benefit from a guided interactive discussion on what is working, why and how you can make it better. Get the guidance you need to translate your goals into action plans!

Budgeting for Profit

Discover the key elements to building a profitable real estate business through modeling successful agent benchmarks. Tips for building your budget the right way – how to pay yourself first, hold expenses accountable and track your marketing efforts. Today’s budgeting tools that will help you create easy systems for budgeting and profit!

Power of Reviews

Did you know that consumers who interact with reviews are 105% more likely to buy? Learn the importance of the online user review and how to take charge of your online reputation. This course provides you with the tools and strategies necessary to acquire authentic positive reviews and proactively build your online presence. (Available as 60 min session – 3 hour course)

Attracting More Listings and Sales with Video

Video is here and now, and building rapport with your local market.  Get important insights to catch and surpass your local competition with video.  Understand how to get it done and get past the common issues.  YouTube tips, video embedding, SEO tactics and engaging subject matter. Establish yourself as an expert in real estate with video! ( Available as a 60 min session – 3 hour course)

Tips for Investors, Landlords and Property Managers

Are you looking to increase your wealth through real estate investing? Learn how to quickly analyze a deal on the fly with 3 rule of thumb calculations every savvy investor should know. Get helpful management tips and best practices for landlords and property managers. (Available as a 60 min session – 3 hour course)

CRS 1 Day Courses:

Building a Team to Grow Your Business

Even the most talented and dedicated agents have limits on what they can accomplish alone. To take your business to the next level once you’ve reached a plateau, you’ll need to hire some help. Whether you are a solo agent wanting to close more transactions or a rainmaker looking to increase your team’s market share, hiring the right person can help grow your business. This course offers strategies for delegating and outsourcing tasks to help you focus on activities that make you the most money.

Zero to 60 Home Sales a Year (and Beyond)

Do you dream of selling 60 homes or more per year, but aren’t sure where to begin? Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your business or just starting out, this course will show you how to create a plan to turn your sales goal into reality. You’ll learn new methods for marketing to bring a continuous flow of business, discover techniques for positioning yourself as the agent of choice in your area, and execute an action plan to maximize your profits.

7 Things Successful Agents Do Differently: A Proven Business System

This course demonstrates those things that successful agents do different from the average agent. It gives agents specific strategies and marketing systems to move their business to the next stage of success both professionally and financially. Learn how to organize your real estate career like a business, leverage market statistics, plan for retirement and implement marketing to make these things happen. Agents of all experience level will find benefit in discovering how to take their business to the next stage of success.

How Technology Can Ruin Your Real Estate Business

Technology has revolutionized how people communicate and conduct business. While the internet, cloud based computing and new technology can certainly make the job easier, without proper safeguards, you may be exposing both you and your clients’ information to malware, viruses and identity thieves. In this course, get the tools you need to navigate your business and clients through the perilous legal, online, and social media world.

Mastering Your Time to Achieve Your Goals

This course provides a conceptual framework for career management. How can one day change your life, both personally and professionally? The class will show you how to find success in your real estate career and in your personal life. This course will give you the resources to balance your business life with quality time for family and recreation.

CRS 2 Day Courses:

CRS 200 Business Planning and Marketing

Successful real estate agents know how to run a business. They know how to define their goals and have the business planning, budgeting, and marketing skills to get them where they want to go. After taking this course, students will know how to think like a business owner, with the ability to develop a complete business plan with strategies they can implement immediately.

CRS 204 Buying and Selling Income Properties

Learn the ins and outs of real estate investing! Become a savvy investor to increase your wealth and generate sales through real estate investments. Know how to identify money-making opportunities in an up or down market and create a plan to invest toward retirement!

CRS 206 Technologies to Advance Your Business

This course guides students through a process for analyzing the technology needs of their business. Course topics focus on using technology tools that enable sales agents to become more productive, increase their profits, and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.


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