What's the Best CMS?I am often asked, “What is the best contact management system?” My first answer is, “One you will use!” The NAR National Homebuyers and Sellers Profile says only 32% of Real Estate agents use a contact manager on a regular basis. If we are supposed to keep in contact with our friends, relatives and neighbors on a 20/4/4 basis (reach out 20 times a year with an email or postcard/4 times a year with a personal phone call/4 times a year with a face to face meeting) to grow our business, how is this possible?
I actually use, and teach Microsoft Outlook as my contact management program in my Real Estate business as well as in my Speaking business…and have for years. Why? Because it’s the easiest for me and my staff to use, and it has a lot of cool, straight forward features! I really like how easy it is for me to categorize my contacts, and how I can now use “One Note” (comes with Microsoft Office 365) within my contacts! Sending out meeting invites and assigning tasks to others is also a breeze in Outlook.
Again, it’s not necessarily any ONE particular contact manager that is the best for everyone…but find one that you are more likely to use! For reviews on Contact Management Software options, go to: Best Contact Management Software reviews, Compare Real Estate CRM and Contact Management Software or Best Real Estate CRM 2017.
Whichever one YOU choose, get started today!

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