Do you struggle to remember all of your online logins and passwords? Or do you prefer to opt for the convenience of unsafely using the same password for all of your accounts? If so, AgileBits has created the ultimate solution for safely storing and remembering all of your passwords for you – 1Password!  1Password works with Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPod, iPad and Droid devices.

When used on your Mac or Windows PC, 1Password will actually generate a highly secure and unique password and save it for you. Additionally, 1Password will store other important information such as your credit card numbers to make online shopping easier or even social security numbers and other secure documents.

Download the 1Password app for your iPhone/iPod or the 1Password Pro for your ipad device to ensure you have your passwords and emergency credit cards with you while on-the-go. Plus, there’s no need to worry about safety if you ever lose your phone or mobile device. Your 1Password information will be locked behind a secure 4 digit AND master password to keep your information protected.

As an added benefit, if you use 1Password in conjunction with your free Dropbox account, you can actually keep all of your usernames and passwords in-synch between your computers and mobile devices.

Are you already using 1Password or other similar program? Tell us what you think!

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