One way to increase your productivity in dealing with emails is to add tasks view to your Outlook inbox. Take a look at Mark’s tutorial for step by step tutorial or follow these easy steps to add the Tasks view pane to your default inbox view in Microsoft Outlook 2013:

  1. Click on “View” in the top menu bar in Outlook
  2. Then click on “To-Do Bar”
  3. In the drop-down menu, select “Tasks” to add a Tasks view pane right in your inbox.
  4. You may also choose to select “Calendar” then “Tasks” to have both a Calendar and Tasks view in your inbox.
  5. To adjust the size of your Calendar or Tasks view panes, rest your cursor over the divider bars until a double arrow appears and drag to your preferred size.

This should be everything you need to add tasks to your Outlook View. Thanks for watching a Mark Porter Live video! Give us a thumbs up or comment if you liked the video and would like to see more!

How to Add Tasks View to Your Outlook Inbox

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